Update ok or not?

  • Hello, i'm new to pagekit.

    My backend told me today there is a update to 1.0.13.

    After the update i'm a little bit confused. All is green, but this message is there:

    1. Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

    See attachement.
    Above the green OK button is a message like Database is up2date.

    OK or wrong? That's the question. :-)

    Info: tested local, PHP 5.6


  • Hi and thanks for pointing me to system info.

    Version there is 1.0.13

    Apache error log shows only one entry:

    1. PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in ...\\pkit1-sqlite\\app\\installer\\src\\SelfUpdater.php on line 195, referer: http://localhost:4001/PageKit/pkit1-sqlite/admin/system/update

    But all seems working fine.
    Maybe it is a good idea if Pagekit has a own error log (in System > Info).

  • Hi, can't it mark as solved.
    The update produced 2 errors.

    Now in Debug-Mode the log shows nothing.
    So i think PK is working like it should. But "solved" can't be the right status.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi pkf,

    I already marked it as "solved", as the max execution time issue is not a Pagekit error. As this is a community forum, this topic is "solved". But you can still create an issue on GitHub, if you think that this is an error Pagekit should prevent.