Can not access admin backend after moving to different dir

  • Ehm no...

    I did the same thing, moving Pagekit from a subdirectory to the main directory on the server and...

    • pages, links, menus are correctly working
    • but i loose the possibility to go to the admin page in /admin

    Everythings seems work fine, except that i cannont access the admin pages.

    I get a error 404...

    "ArtworkNouveau" same for you or did you not tested the admin ?

    Any ideas ?

  • You just wrote, that all sites and links are working correctly...?

    You can enable debug mode without entering the admin-area of Pagekit.

    just edit the config.php:

    To be more specific:

    1. 'application' => array ( 'debug' => true, ),
  • Solved !

    I had to reinstall the pagekit packages in the main root of the site and restore the original config.php to use the same database.

    No way to access the admin console just moving all the files :-(