Navbar Background and font color

  • Quick and dirty:

    1. <style>
    2. {
    3. background-color:red; !important
    4. }
    5. </style>

    Add this to Site > Settings > Code .

    If you want to add this directly to your css, you should grep/search in file for .uk-dropdown etc.

    As I am not really a CSS hero: Maybe someone else has a better solution ;)

  • where is the active css file for theme avanti stored, can someone point me to the right css file ... with full path please ?

    i need to change the colour of one button (button-danger) but after changing the hexcode of the colour nothing happens

    i am using the theme option "default" btw

    already tried /cms/app/system/modules/theme/css/theme.css and also /cms/packages/pagekit/theme-avanti/css/theme.css

  • Hi,

    at first: You should not overwrite files, as your changes may be lost on theme's update.

    You may think that there will be no update or if there is one, you might just not install it. But imagine, an update would fix a security issue.

    So you could either fork the theme and change the colors - or, this might be easier: Install my extension "spqr/assets" or use the system settings to overwrite your CSS.

    If you are using my extension you also can make use of caching, as you can automatically write all the changes to a file.

    If you have questions about this, just ask :)

    If you really want to overwrite the original file, it should be somewhere around /your/path/to/pagekit/packages/pagekit/theme-avanti/css .