International zone?

  • Hello everybody,

    some users may wish a category in this forum where they can talk about Pagekit in their language. Well - I think there are 2 problems:

    - The community is not that large. If really important topics are only discussed in German or Russian the majority of users can not benefit from that

    - The admin (me ;) ) can not check, whether topics in other languages contains things, that are not legal in Germany (as this site has a German imprint and as I am living in Germany, I have to make sure that this forum does not violate the German laws)

    On the other hand having a few categories for other languages could be a huge benefit for all those users who do not speak English (or at least: do not speak it very well).

    What do you think?

  • Hi,

    I think that only english is better.

    If we are working with Pagekit, many docs are in English too.

    And like SPQRInc , if topics are written in others languages, I don't understand and can't participate to the thread.

    And, me the first, I don't speak well English, but I think what I write is understandable. I hope ;)

  • Hi Vadder,

    it doesn't matter, where the software has been "built" - in our days there is nothing like a "German" CMS. If Pagekit would have been assembled in Russia, you would need to learn Russian ;)

    Today the language of IT is English. The whole documentation, all video tutorials made by YooTheme and the Pagekit-website itself are written in English.

  • i'm French but english is not a trouble for me , i'm living a 30 km of united kingdom :D

    I think you must let this community growing up a little bit before adding multi language zone

    Your are in the good way because PageKit is really an easy to use CMS.

  • Hi.

    Please do the translation into Russian language. It I great to facilitate the surfing through the forum.

    Thank you in advance