Meta title and description not appearing

  • i have a problem that hopefully can get fixed. *fingers crossed*

    what is it about:

    i can add title and description for every page but they are not showing up as they urgently should do !

    if i look at the sourcecode of the site in the browser by rightclick, i see title and description under <meta property="og:site_name" content="mytitle"> and <meta property="og:description" content="mydescription">

    This seems to be the wrong format. OG = Opengraph , google for example is ignoring this

    is there any workaround, please enlighten me ?! I am running a local business and correct description in the search engine is very important for me !

  • another" must have extension" , thanks @SPQRInc

    what s with the title tag ? its just| home and should have my personal text,

    is it possible to override the title given by pagekit ?

    another question, as i dont need the OG tags, ist it possible to deactivate them ?

  • that would be great, the correct title tag is a very important seo topic !

    it also would make sense to place title and description before the OG tags, because google is searching only the first 200 characters for title and description (heard that somewhere)

  • Hm, I just checked this out. In my local environment the title is correctly included like this:

    <title>Pagekit | Home</title>

    The search engines are using this tag, too - but of course we could add <meta name="title" content="Pagekit | Home"> but it will always contain the same value as the <title> tag. The question is: Is this really necessary?

    Unfortunately Pagekit does not provide an ordering-option right now. So I can not change the position of the added meta tags.

    But as you just heard that somewhere, it's maybe not necessary at the moment ;) On my little websites Google always crawled the correct content ;)

  • well, thats very sad news and makes pagekit useless for me !

    like is said before google is only displaying: title|home (i uploaded the site and its already crawled by google)

    different seo tools also claims this as an error (title to short)

    this is not seo-friendly and should be fixed asap

  • edit:

    the title must be given in the site content tab, not in the meta tab, then its displayed correctly.

    i googled you terrestic site to verify this, SPQRInc

    in my case i have to deactivate title in the theme-tab

    anyway, this is a bit confusing

  • Hi AMI,

    what exactly makes Pagekit useless? The fact, that I can not set a specific position for the meta tags or the fact that the meta title would be matching the title of every specific page?

    At the moment it would be just like this:

    - The title of your Pagekit site is "my Pagekit"

    - You create a site with a title "My Products"

    In this case my extension, if I add this, would create a meta title for the site "my products" with the value "my products". Is this a problem? Would you like to have the possibility to define 2 different values?